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Meet Odie the Owl


We had a visit from Odie the little three-year-old female Eastern Screech Owl at our monthly meeting. You might wonder what this has to do with gardening.


Pesticides that we may be using for the benefit of our gardens can have negative effects on the food chain and may have been the cause of Odie's birth defects.


The Peace River Wildlife Center rescues and rehabilitates animals like Odie. Garden Club member Paul C. spoke about this topic and provided the links below if you'd like additional information on the topic.

Some Useful Links


The Hing Family Apiary visited our monthly meeting with an observation hive full of live honey bees! They presented fascinating information and pictures about the safe removal and relocation of hives. They can be reached at 239-404-2515. View their website at

Bees are critical in the pollination of flowers and food. They are in decline throughout the world. Gardeners should keep this in mind when planning a garden and selecting plants.

Click here for a website that lists bee-friendly Florida flowers.


A presentation by Emerge Gardens at our monthly meeting was followed by a field trip to their greenhouses, which featured dozens of Aeroponic "Tower Gardens." These portable devices increase output and accelerate the growth of various greens, enhance nutritional content, and use less water than traditional soil gardening. Emerge Gardens can be found at 6427 Elliott Street in Punta Gorda.

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